Hootsuite Certified Professional

Bharat Patodi is the founder director of Questome, a content design studio in Indore, India. He is a writer, thinker and a non-traveller. He is acrophobic, yet dreams of flying, and also, is a great swimmer.He cruised through his MBA Master of Services, from FMS. Aside from client work, projects include the test-prep oriented site Pyoopel. The project named Book Boils is proposed to be launched late this year.

He loves talking about online companies and the education sector. He has written Books that have touched upon the educational to the non-fictional.

He has worked on over a 100 Ghostwriting projects. These include dedicated end-to-end client projects, single pager profilers, detailed blog posts, and even simple landing pages.

He can be connected via an email at bharatpatodi@gmail.com.